Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wrongspeed/Jay Reatard

Albums used to be a wealth of knowledge on what was going on, who was involved and where it was happening. The 'thanks to' section was of particular use. If you liked the band on the album, there was a list of other bands that you'd probably like as well. The thrill of the chase was where it was at.

In this, the information age, this kind of information is much easier to get, if you are willing to look. I am willing to look. I spend a lot of time looking for great music and trying to read between the lines to figure out what is shit hot and where to get it. Most of the music that will be covered can be purchased from the bands themselves or their labels or downloaded from torrent sites, other blogs, or file sharing sites. Most of it is very hard to find in a record shop over here on The Rock

If any info is wrong or if the links don't work, fuck it, I've got a lot on my plate.

My current fave is Jay Reatard, Memphis Tennesee's most prolific musician over the last 10 years or so. 40+ albums. The Reatards, The Lost Sounds, Angry Angles, Destruction Unit, Terror Visions, Bad Times, The Final Solutions, the list is nearly endless. Most of it is top notch. His work as Jay Reatard over the last couple of years has been fairly rockin. His full length, Blood Visions, is a great piece of work and is pretty easy to get your hands on. Most of the 7's, especially the earlier ones, are a bit more trouble. Most of them are on shattered records and in the red records. Another good place to look is Goner Records which from what I can tell, is a pretty hip Memphis record store.

He's currently in the middle of a string of 7's for Matador. I think the plan is to release 6 of 'em by the end of the year. The two so far have been a bit radio friendly. The earlier stuff is much better, with Hammer I Miss You coming in for particular mention.

He's got a pretty good mix of his stuff on his myspace page along with a few more videos and links to loads of other bands he's been in.

So here's a taste of what I'm on about.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The moment of the Holy Egg has arrived.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

From humble beginnings, come inauspicious commencements.Even the mighty Phoenix was an egg once.Back before the time of the Salamander, before the time of the Holy Egg.This blog was born.It is something made from stuff that started out as something I noticed with a view to putting on here anonomouslyish.It is King Luxury Boy at his most benificent.The spelling might'nt be great,likewise the grammer and sentence stucture,but that is the way of King Luxury Boy,tipsy often.