Thursday, October 28, 2010

New studio bosses

Heres a couple of pics of me and the bosses of the new Hoolytime© Productions studios.
These were taken yesterday morning during production of my epic new pop video for my excellent band MOUTPIECE.
And then we had tea and boiled eggs for breakfast.
It was decent.

Mam Le Rock

Dad Le Rock

And heres the video,all produced in one day,yesterday(that included hitting Vinny De Paul's in Sean McDermott street for a pair of curtains to make the Blue screen)with a borrowed lappy,a webcam and a budget of €2.I must say I am happy with the end result.



greller said...

Love it gaz .. Wicked vid man ..Respect.. Say hello to the new boss's for me :0)

Dj Gaz Le Rock said...

Will do Greller!They'll be delighted to hear ya gave them a shout!

laura v said...

Thought you were cool.......! MaZ an DaZ Le Rock....THEY are ice cold......!!!xxx

eirecore said...

looking good gary, peak physical condition