Friday, November 5, 2010

Episode 22...The worst yet!

I've had a mental busy week here at Loving Room HQ.I got a new studio PC!It is the fucking DOGS!!
So between goofing around with that and tweaking the various bits'n'bobs inside it,I kinda slacked off and just threw this show together...a real fucking slapdash affair..but whatcha want for fuck all?
Even bone fide geniuses get a pain in the sack with doing shit...GNOME SAIN?
Anyhoo,less of the chit chat outta me,I have to go and autochoon the jocks off meself...heres the show..
I was gonna say enjoy..but maybe endure is more apt!

  The Loving Room Floor No.22 5 Oct 2010 by Dj Gaz Le Rock 

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