Thursday, September 15, 2011

More shows, more shows, more shows

Hey there ladies and gents, my sincerest apologies about the long gaps in the updating of this page, but I am a very busy man with my fingers, nay entire arms, in many a different pot. The summertime affords me even less internuts time than the winter with the so many things to do away from electrical outlets (mainly drinking in a bush) and frankly I am finding learning the ins and outs of Windows 7 and my new laptop to be less fun than listening to free jazz while being kicked in the ghoulies.

Anyways, I digress, here yissers go. Shows 11 – 24 in the highest quality available to people with good enough taste to download and listen to tunes so bangin that you may end up waking up with a sore hip and a hand mysteriously stuck up the air. Also expect the odd voicemail to yourself proclaiming ‘Fuck Yeah, this shit rocks’ if you put any of these shows on after a night downing scoops.

Visit any of the pages I’ve got on this information superhighway and don’t forget to friend us up on Facebook if you wanna have a chat or dare to make a request (which will be ignored unless it’s a great song in which case it will be played and no props will be given whatsoever *(I’d didn’t get this far by giving credit where credit is due))

Alright then, rock out or…don’t.

Show 11