Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Night Youtube-cast

Hey Punkfans. As tonight's 2fm show has been bumped to next week, I am going to do a youtube cast instead. A half hour worth of tunes to be played one after the other. I am going to start as I mean to go on. Usually one of the last songs of any good DJ session, I'm opening with it. A smoking version of Sonic Reducer with a total head case doing the intro. Let's kick it!!

Next up its a bit of The Reverend Horton Heat. Always smokin live, I never did get to see them with Taz and the drums. I wish I would have.

Check out the Hatepinks. They're like a Henry Fiat's Open Sore except they are French. High Energy rock!!

Next up its a bit of Dean Dirg. They're like the Hatepinks except they're German. Let's Rock again!!

Alright here's a blast from the past. Deadly video, the little interview bit with Mike Muir at the beginning is class.

Here's another slightly dodgy one with a class video. These guys are from my home town although I'd say they're all blowins!!

Say what you want about Jay Reatard, but he defo died way too young. Showing his poppier side here, its still a deadly video!!

If you don't know these, you should check them out!! The Briefs out Seattle and sadly broken up years now. If you only buy one Briefs album, pick up Sex Objects. It's deadly from first note to last!!!

Back to Portland. This one is dedicated to Gary in Vancouver who was lucky enough to catch these live over there last night. I am so jealous, I might just puke!!! Great video. I wish they'd come across the Atlantic, I'd travel to see them again!!!

Alright, that's about all we have time for tonight. Seeing us out tonight, it is punk. The very definition of it. I would love to just play this clip on repeat for the length of the show every week. It's taken from the excellent Decline of Western Civilisation. The radio show will be back on this friday with a special one off analog show being transmitted on 2fm radio on sunday at 20